mhNOW is a multi-stakeholder initiative led by international thought leaders and key organizations from the private, public, and philanthropic sectors


The group of over 30 organizations behind mhNOW includes BasicNeeds, Grand Challenges Canada, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, International Medical Corps, Johnson & Johnson, King’s College London, Orygen Center of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, StrongMinds, Verily Alphabet, the World Bank, and the World Psychiatric Association, among others. The Global Development Incubator is incubating mhNOW, serving as the neutral broker to bring the strengths of diverse organizations towards a shared goal.

mhNOW is seeking other groups from across sectors and focus areas to contribute their voices or join us as we co-create this initiative.

Contact and join us.


  • Chris Underhill, Founder President of Basic Needs, co-lead of mhNOW

  • Moitreyee Sinha, Director of Beyond Health, Global Development Incubator, co-lead of mhNOW

  • Warren Ang, Director, East Asia, Global Development Incubator

  • Gary Belkin, Executive Deputy Commissioner, ThriveNYC/NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • Pamela Collins, Mental Health professional

  • Helen Herrman, President Elect, World Psychiatric Association

  • Tom Insel, Neuroscientist, Verily Alphabet

  • Husseini Manji, Global Head Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson

  • Patricio Marquez, Lead Health Specialist, The World Bank Group

  • Pat McGorry, Executive Director, Orygen the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health/University of Melbourne

  • Bonnie Petrauskas, Executive Director, Global Community Impact, Johnson & Johnson

  • Karlee Silver, VP Programs, Grand Challenges Canada

  • Andrew Stern, Executive Director, Global Development Incubator

  • Graham Thornicroft, Professor of Community Psychiatry, King’s College London

  • Michelle Williams, Dean of the Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health

  • Inka Weissbecker, Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Advisor, International Medical Corps